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Welcome to Haumoana
Haumoana Signpost

Haumoana is a coastal settlement just south of the Tukituki River outlet in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; it is 10 kilometres east of Hastings; it incorporates a school, a Church, a General Store, a takeaway shop, a garage, a hall and a Fire Station. The village has developed as a bach (holiday) settlement and the surrounding area has historically been used for sheep and cattle grazing and horticulture. However, lifestyle blocks and grape growing have become more prominent in recent times and many inhabitants commute to nearby cities to work. There are approxmately 430 houses within the community.

The village area is flat and low-lying with hills to the south-west. Parts of the beach are experiencing coastal erosion of 0.7 metres per year. Ths has seen the removal of several houses along the gravel beach crest and other beach front properties being inundated during heavy swells and high tides.

American and British sealers and whalers frequented the ocean off Te Awanga from the late 1700’s setting up shore camps and interacting with local Maori until the 1850’s, when the Crown purchased land, and European settlers commenced farming.

The area has a rich history and from the early days became a ‘community focused’ placed to live.

See what local clubs and organisations are available or read the noticeboard to see what events or meetings are on.
To find out more information on coastal erosion in Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton visit the WOW (Walking on Water) page.

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Haumoana Tropicana - click the link for more info

Cape Coast - Giving Hawkes Bay an edge

Cape Coast Community Group is a volunteer group working for the protection, unity and beautification
of Haumoana, Te Awanga & Clifton; hereafter referred to as the Cape Coast, a small community with a big heart.

Fat Spatula
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Cape Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary at Cape Kidnappers

Fat Spatula

CApe Coast Community Group
Cape Coast Community Group

Save the Cape Coast
- Support WOW

For up to date emergency information visit the HB Emergency website


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Community Notice Board. View what's on here>>

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